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Token Agency is a full-service consulting firm dealing in Security Token Offerings (STOs) Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for cutting-edge businesses and services. We specialize in token design, project launches and marketing services.
We have worked on over 90 ICOs. We are well-seasoned professional ICO experts and advisors who own crypto media and our team have spoken at scores of industry events around the world. If you want a top team with a global network, you have come to the right place.


Country of Incorporation:
Achterberghof 8, 9752HE, Haren, Groningen, The Netherlands


Traditional and crypto-community marketing. Proprietors of Blockchain News, a popular portal for ICOs and Blockchain information – we know the space well and we know the players in the crypto media.

From mainstream media to the crypto media – connect to our contacts and network partners to take your project to the masses.

Crowdsource critical parts of the marketing and use advanced game theory to reward the community for specific tasks. We can supply an array of options here.

We work with a number of suppliers who have direct contact with multiple exchanges who can facilitate and assist with listing services.

Connect to the countries that have regulatory frameworks in place to deal with token sales (STOs and ICOs). We have legal partners in Switzerland, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Gibraltar, Malta, Cayman Islands and more…

We work with some of the top matchmaking services such as Michael Terpin's and partners in Dubai where our clients get front of line positioning for private meetings with institutional investors, family offices and high wealth individuals.

As top advisors, we not only bring credibility to your whitepaper and webpage with our stamp of approval, but we have incredibly strong networks in the crypto world, academia, media, and business communities.

Tap into our developer network to ensure the highest level of development architecture is brought to your project. We know some of the top smart contract companies – and Blockchain developers out there.

Team (7)

Richard Kastelein
Managing Director and Publisher
Theron Andrews
Partner and VP Marketing USA
Wieke Beenen
Partner – Editor, Blockchain News
Martijn Timmermans
Partner and Director of Operations
Dr. John H. Clippinger
Partner and Advisor
Tobias Ebbinge
Partner and VP Marketing Europe
Robert K. Elder
Partner and VP Business Development USA

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