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Interview with Thomas Réveillon, Partner of Chaineum

Interview with Thomas Réveillon, Partner of Chaineum

Our guest is Thomas Réveillon, Partner of Chaineum, European ICO and STO operator and advisory boutique.
Thomas joined Chaineum in mid-2017, where he is still working as Partner and Chief Roadshow Officer.

After graduating with a bachelors degree at Sup'Internet in web projects management and web design in Paris, Thomas traveled to Canada where he got certified in digital marketing at the Red Academy in Vancouver, BC. In contact with virtual currencies creation since early 2013, Thomas always followed the new technologies (VR, AR, BC, QC) with big interest, it is naturally that at in mid-2017, Thomas joined French ICO/STO advisory agency, Chaineum.

Which problem does Chaineum solve?

Tokenization is a new revolutionary investment vehicle for entrepreneurs searching for investments. Chaineum anticipates a future where all types of assets will be natively issued on blockchains or represented as a token.

Chaineum’s objective is also to democratize alternative investments

Chaineum’s objective is also to democratize alternative investments via shares, debts, derivatives, obligations, real estate, art pieces, vintage cars, etc. by providing access, liquidity and transparency to markets that would traditionally be available to only a little few.

In that matter, Chaineum proposes a complete platform offering a large range of services for issuing, finance, secure, trade and manage investments in digital assets.

What differ you from the competitors?

Chaineum differs itself from its competitors by the track record, its range of services, its issuance platform, its localisation, and its compliance work done. Since the beginning of our activity, we placed ourselves in self-regulation and always been at the forefront of the regulation.

What is the potential of the security tokens market? How big can it be?

In our opinion, the potential of the security market is yet to be identified. Indeed, we are at the genesis of this new type of asset class and a lot of work has to be made in order to develop the mass adoption of the usage of this mean of fundraising, but also the usage of the technology in all the possible industries.

The potential of the security market is yet to be identified.

By its nature, ICOs were reserved to companies that were implementing Blockchain in the core of their business which is not the case for STOs as the only aspect of the company in Blockchain is the shares of the company. Therefore, every company can technically use this way of tokenizing its assets.

What markets are you focused on? Which regions or countries?

Being based in France and Switzerland (implementation in progress), we primarily focus on the European market.

How much time does it take to complete the regulatory process for an average STO?

It really depends on the configuration of the operation as you want to make sure you are compliant with the issuing country (where your company is incorporated) and the countries where you want to « sell » your security. On our side, it usually takes us up to 3 months to compliantly setup the operation.

Which asset type is the hardest and which one is the easiest to tokenize and why?

As of today, we are working on different type of assets: pure equity, debt, obligations, real estate, derivatives. For us, Equity and Real Estate are the easiest thanks to our platform for issuance and blockchain-based exchange platform of digital assets.

What are your next steps to move forward?

As of today, we are strongly starting with the launch of the first ever French STO. Chaineum is building an ecosystem in order to facilitate the whole digital security process for its clients but also in order for the entire blockchain industry to promote the adoption of the technology and this new way of funding globally. In that matter, and in order to increase the development of our vision, we are preparing our own Digital Security Offering, issued from France, in the coming weeks. In the meantime, our work to educate, federate and make progress within the industry is still going on and we are proud of being part of this new and promising industry.

Thank you for the interview!

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