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Tokenization of assets and their sale offering can be a complicated process that incorporates many different aspects - legal, financial, organizational, and technical. Such challenges require a truly comprehensive approach.
At STOscope, we understand all the intricacies of tokenization of assets and are ready to undertake the turnkey implementation of this task, as well as performing only the necessary parts.

What Can Be Tokenized?

Real Estate
Real estate is one of the most popular and promising assets which can be tokenized. Land, buildings, apartments, etc. Real estate has continually been one of the most valuable investment assets.
Equity in Business
The tokenization of business (shares) is a promising area for STO. It enables you to sell a share or business, entirely. This option is also suitable if you wish to attract additional money for the development of the company.
Investment Funds
If you own or manage an investment fund and are looking for new sources of funds to improve your portfolio, STO can be an excellent alternative to traditional investments. You will be able to determine what rights you are willing to share with investors.
In theory, almost any object can be tokenized. This makes sense mainly for objects of comparatively high value and cost. These can range from art (paintings, movies, photographs), to cars, jewelry, and much more.

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Why Tokenize?

No other way of attracting investment has the same ratio of the cost of organization and carrying out access to the widest pool of investors and finance from around the world.
All sides of the process - both issuers and investors are protected during the sale. Security is ensured by a smart contract and supervisory regulators.
Tokenization of assets allows you to make them available for fast sale. To sell something in parts is much easier than looking for a buyer for the entire object.
Blockchain technology, together with legal transparency, allows all participants in the sale, token owners, to track any processes related to their assets.
Security Token Markets and Exchanges are open 24/7. Your tokenized objects are always available to buy and sell, unlike traditional markets.
All processes are conducted in full compliance with international law and the laws of individual countries. All participants in the process are fully protected.

Our Services

End-to-End Tokenization
Smart Contract Creation
The development of a smart contract is carried out simultaneously by programmers and lawyers, which makes the process even more difficult.
Digital Asset Creation
We can tokenize any real-world asset, transferring its value to its digital analogue. This offer is suitable for both professionals of the financial market and ordinary owners.
Security Token Advisory
We are ready to give advice on any issues relating to the implementation of Security Token Offering. This can be either one-time assistance or the full project support.
KYC/AML Advisory
Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures are important components of any sale of securities. We will help ensure that your sale is fully compliant with the law.
Legal Regulation
Every security token offering must be registered in accordance with the laws of a country. We help to understand all the complexities of legislation and to register STOs with regulatory authorities.
Solution Integrations
We can help integrate blockchain into client's business processes, such as logistics, law, management, etc. This can help streamline processes and save resources.
Marketing and PR
PR and Promotion of security token sale is a complex process requiring an integrated approach. We can take on the whole implementation of a marketing strategy.
Post Sales Service
After the release and sale of tokens, an equally important and crucial stage begins. You need to register investments correctly, transfer tokens to investors, and place tokens on the exchanges.

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