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Top-5 Important Security Tokens News (Week #39)

Top-5 Important Security Tokens News (Week #39)

We have prepared for you the most important news from the Security Tokens area for the past week (5 Aug - 11 Aug, 2019). TZERO Officially Launches Public Security Token, Seychelles Will List The World’s First Regulated Security Token and more.

1TZERO Officially Launches Public Security Token Trading оn Schedule

Retail giant Overstock’s blockchain subsidiary company, tZERO, has opened up its preferred equity security tokens — dubbed TZROP — for trading by accredited and non-accredited investors. View source

2Seychelles Will List The World’s First Regulated Security Token

In a recent interview, MERJ Exchange CEO Edmond Tuohy told Bloomberg that his company will list the first security token on a national stock market in the coming days. The listing will feature tokenized shares in MERJ Exchange itself, which is the only licensed securities exchange in Seychelles. MERJ operates markets for the listing and trading of equities, debt, derivatives, Forex products, and more. View source

3Security Token Offering Framework Comes into Focus

With the ICO boom in the rear mirror, investors and issuers are moving towards the Security Token Offering (STO) model. We look at the current STO space, the evolving regulatory framework, recent STO issuances, and ask the question — what happens next? View source

4South Korean Crypto Exchange Signs With Security Companies to Lock Down Tokens

The number three Korean crypto exchange says that it will be working with Xangle on investor protection and project transparency. With CertiK, it will be focused on the security of the code, technology verification, and project information security. View source

5Announced Security Token Exchange With “Sub-100 Microsecond Tick To Trade Latency”

Announced August 5th 2019, New York-based Fundamental Interactions has developed a technology stack to launch a dual-purpose market center. The platform is able to serve as both a security token and cryptocurrency exchange. View source

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