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Top-7 Important Security Tokens News (Week #5)

Top-7 Important Security Tokens News (Week #5)

We have prepared for you the most important news from the Security Tokens area for the past week. Successful Neufund STO, Africa's Security Token Framework, OpenFinance Network Exchange Platform and more.

1Neufund STO (ETO) Ended and Raised an Overall Amount of €3.4 Million

Yesterday at 11:00 UTC our smart contracts closed the Neufund (Fifth Force GmbH) ETO. This event marks the first successful ETO on our platform. During our one week long pre-sale and another week of public sale, we’ve raised an overall amount of €3.4 Million. This was the first successful offering of tokenized equity to the general public. View source

2First Africa's Security Token Framework to Be Launched

Bahamian-Kenyan technology startup Raise has joined forces with Kenyan corporate law firm ALN Kenya-Anjarwalla & Khanna (A&K) to launch Africa’s first security token framework. According to a press release distributed by several local news outlets, the project will include the development of contract templates, legal definitions, offerings, and technological standards for security tokens that represent ownership of real-world assets, such as property, shares, debt, commodities, fine art, and insurance. View source

3Security Token Trading Exchange Platform Launched by OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Security (OFN) has launched its token trading platform. The first of its kind, the platform will be open for trading during its launch. The launch follows a long period of beta testing. The team did not take chances as they wanted the system to flawless once it is launched. Community feedback provided immense help in the development face. According to insider and commentators, the platform will be revolutionizing blockchain trading. View source

4TokenSoft to Invest in SEC-Regulated Broker-Dealer

Security tokens platform TokenSoft Inc. has invested in a company that is purportedly a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-compliant broker-dealer, according to a press release published Dec. 13. TokenSoft is a platform that provides a suite of technology and security products for the sale, issuance, and management of security tokens and other digital assets. Security tokens often promise investment returns and value appreciation, in addition to allowing holders to purchase goods and services. View source

5Vertalo and Issuance Will Cooperate

Issuance, a marketing platform that matches digital asset issuers with prospective investors, has announced a partnership with Vertalo, a communications and compliance for digital assets securities platform. Through the partnership, Issuance will utilize Vertalo’s cutting edge technology to provide their clients with compliance, communication and cap table tools. View source

6Real Estate STO by QuantmRE

Through a partnership with Prime Trust, QuantmRE, a blockchain-based platform for real estate, has announced that they will be holding their own security token offering. The token will be reflective of fractional property ownership in the real estate market. View source

7Mike Novogratz Still Believes in Bitcoin

Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz — the CEO of cryptocurrency merchant bank Galaxy Digital — is unfazed by the recent bear market, saying bitcoin is “digital gold” that will survive and thrive over the long haul. Novogratz admitted that he lost money during the 2018 slump due to bad market calls, but that doesn’t dampen his long-term outlook that crypto is a revolution whose time has come. View source


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