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Top-7 Important Security Tokens News (Week #8)

Top-7 Important Security Tokens News (Week #8)

We have prepared for you the most important news from the Security Tokens area for the past week (31 December 2018 - 6 January, 2019). Tokenization of Apple and Tesla Shares, EOS Security tokens Protocol, Launches of new platforms and more.

1Apple and Tesla Stocks Will Be Available as Tokenized Securities

DX.Exchange, an Estonia-based crypto firm, launched a trading platform that lets investors buy shares of popular Nasdaq-listed companies, including Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Netflix, indirectly through security tokens. Each token is backed by one share of the company traders want to invest in and entitles them to the same cash dividends. View source

2New Security Tokens Standard to Be Based on EOS

EOS-based security tokens can be made possible with a new protocol, allowing for the creation of a digital asset to represent fully legal traditional securities. As recently announced by Ed Sylantyev, the Financial Securities Protocol on EOS will lead to the faster, cheaper and more secure representation of financial instruments. View source

3Goren Holm Group Started Own Security Tokens Company

The Goren Holm Group, creators of the Crypto Invest Summit – an investment focused event targeting the blockchain and crypto industry, have announced the formation of a new company, Security Token Summit, LLC. The announcement was accompanied by a first scheduled event to be taking place in Los Angeles this coming April. View source

4Singapore Security Token Platform STGX Will Provide End-to-End Service

As of December 27th 2018, STO Global-X has announced the official release of its security token platform STO Global Exchange (STGX). The platform is designed to handle the issuance, management, and trading of a wide array of digital assets, to include security tokens. View source

5Africa to Be Involved into Security Tokens Field

Bahamian-Kenyan tech startup Raise has partnered with Kenyan corporate law firm Anjarwall & Khanna (A&K) to establish the first security token framework on the African continent. The two companies plan to work with the African Digital Asset Framework (ADAF) of which Raise was a founding member. View source

6Polymath and LeadBest Will Partner to Work Together Within Token Economy

In a recent press release, blockchain company, LeadBest, announced a partnership with Polymath. A mutual goal led to the formation of this alliance. Create a ‘token economy ecosystem’. This move marks one of Polymath’s various forays into Asia. It allows for Polymath to keep a finger on the pulse of the region. In doing so, future ventures within Asia will continue to be well-educated moves. View source

7Philippine Securities Regulator Will Consider Market Regulation Later

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC) is not ready to issue final initial coin offering (ICO) regulation. The legislation was meant to be released before the end of 2018, English-language local media The Philippine Star reports on Dec. 31. The aforementioned article attributes the delay of the release to a request by different stakeholders for further time to look at the draft ICO rules. The PSEC has reportedly revised anew the proposed regulation by taking into account different shareholders’ input. View source

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