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The pace of fundraising through ICO has now surpassed VC funding globally. Most issuers are hoping to use ICO funds to build real companies, however the actual process of accessing public markets may have been done without any regard for applicable laws, or by paying lip service to working around the law while blatantly violating it.

We at Token IQ believe that the benefits of a cryptomarket are much deeper and richer than failing to comply with regulation. In fact, by bringing crypto currencies into the bright light of government regulation, taxation and compliance, those advantages will become easier to express. It will be simpler and less expensive for entrepreneurs to raise capital and for well-established corporations to finance big, complex projects.


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Token IQ. Inc.
1475 North Scottsdale Road Suite 373A Scottsdale, Arizona, 85257 United States of America


Not all appropriate and legal transfers of shares can or will be facilitated by the wallet holder. As a corporation, an issuer must be able to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements and orders without relying on the holder of a wallet to necessarily cooperate in the transfer. Some examples of such circumstances include:


Since Token IQ technology makes it possible to govern the transfer of tokens based on various criteria, the existence of a time-based prohibition on transfer, or the limitations of such transfer in response to some transactions such as the one implied by various forms of market making becomes just another of the set of criteria which are examined before any token transfer is permitted.

One of the core value propositions of blockchain based solutions is the increased transparency they should bring to the transaction space. Unfortunately, the ICO industry is exhibiting precisely the opposite tendency.

The Token IQ approach allows a company’s investors to get information about the issuer on a fully diluted basis, that is to say with full visibility on all the tokens that have been given, promised or otherwise encumbered.

Once issuers embrace the notion that tokens are securities, the toolbox available to all issuers around the world becomes available to them.

“Wallet Lockout” is a key issue that faces all current cryptocurrencies. Investors keep their tokens in digital wallets that are really simply an address on the blockchain.

By creating a KYC Token that acts to regulate the transfer of the issuer tokens themselves, we can minimize the cost and overhead of the KYC process for Issuers. A Token that requires an appropriate KYC Token to already be present in the receiving wallet would preclude the Token from being transferred or sold to a person who is not eligible to hold it.

Built-in capabilities to track and produce on-demand reports (e.g. form 1099-I, 1099-Div, 1065, etc.) on one’s assets by maintaining visibility on all wallet transactions.

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