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Tokenization solution for Real Estate


TokenD is a state-of-the-art white label blockchain platform that consolidates the experience gained by Distributed Lab in building the production-ready distributed ledger solutions. It is designed for enterprises that are willing to take advantage of blockchain technology without the need of maintaining the expensive team of blockchain experts and within the shortest time to market.


Company name:
Distributed Lab


Blockchain-based customizable infrastructure framework for crowdfunding platforms and tokenized ecosystems.

TokenD[5] is a blockchain software platform for creating your own tailored solutions that provides the necessary set of features for tokenization and online trading of art items. It allows launching a digital marketplace for art with the following functionality:

Ability to list artworks and register painters and buyers.
Provide them with a direct sale, auction or exchange functionality.
Store information in the internal registry and track provenance, copyrights, etc.
Enable innovative features such as fractional ownership and crowdfunding.

TokenD blockchain-powered solution offers retailers to make these systems secure. Due to the lack of middlemen needed to process the issuing of cards, the process of acquiring and using blockchain-reliant gift cards is secure. The confidence that there will be no double-spending can provide a way to enable efficient ownership transfer and secondary market because the token can be transferred online to another user without the risk that the previous owner can use it after it has been sold. A gift card represents a digital token and a user's wallet is used as a storage method. The implementation of blockchain will help to reduce fraud at the token exchange.

As a blockchain-based ecosystem with its own loyalty platform, TokenD gives brands a chance to build their own applications within their system. Customers, as usual, earn rewards for their purchases; these rewards, however, are then tokenized. This allows customers to redeem rewards with any business on the platform that accepts this token. This solution provides for a higher flexibility, compared with traditional loyalty programs while also giving brands greater access to all customers within the ecosystem.

TokenD aims to solve the problems related to international real estate transactions by means of creating an asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry. A TokenD-based platform will keep the record of real estate transactions thus reflecting an official registry‚ÄĒunnecessary delays and impediments inherent to legacy property rights registrations systems could be eliminated. Our solution seeks to enhance the security of transactions while reducing the inefficiencies by linking buyers, sellers, investors, and registries around the world. This is made possible due to an innovative application of the tokenization platform.

TokenD blockchain-powered solution offers a new way to prove document authenticity and integrity. It helps reducing business risks by proactively detecting threats caused by data tampering or corruption. Each document is assigned with unique fingerprint generated using a cryptographic hash function, which guarantees that even a small modification will lead to a complete change of the hash.

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