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Tokenomica combines the best of traditional financial markets with disruptive technology. Create and trade digital assets with ease and confidence.


Security tokens are the inevitable future of token offerings. Combining the best elements of traditional financial markets with advantages of the new technology they will enhance the level of investors’ trust and increase the attractiveness of Security Token Offerings.

Security Token Issue platform by Tokenomica is one of the first platforms on the market that provides users not only with technical tools to issue a security token but also with a fully compliant regulatory framework as well as direct access to a secondary market for such tokens.


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Tokenomica Malta Ltd.
Office 2, Suite 2, The Penthouse Capital Business Centre Entrance C Triq Taz-Zwejt, San Gwann SGN 3000, Malta


At Tokenomica we combined the best features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges making the first regulated DEX which includes:

  • Decentralized execution and settlement
  • Centralized client acceptance
  • Centralized asset quality assurance
  • Centralized custody of fiat
  • Hybrid custody of crypto assets

1. Ease of Use
STIP is completely automated and user-friendly. You won’t need any programming skills to launch an STO with Tokenomica. All you need is a browser, we will help you during every single step of the process.

2. Access to New Type of Investors 
With security token offerings, you get access to a pool of investors that are familiar with the industry, who will be willing to invest in security tokens to support technology-based projects all over the world.

3. Ecosystem: All in One Place
Most of the platforms don’t provide simultaneous issuance and marketplace to sell your tokens. We do. Once your token is issued, it will automatically appear on our STO marketplace where investors can easily invest in projects that they find best. Moreover, in Q4 2019 Tokenomica will launch Security Tokens Trading Platform for the secondary trading of security tokens.

4. Minimal Cost
Your expenses are reduced to a minimum. The security token issuance on Tokenomica is free of charge. For sure, there are set-up costs, but none of it is collected by Tokenomica.

5. Based on Waves Blockchain
Waves is the first blockchain platform that has found a way to make utility token creation easy for the average person. With Tokenomica, we want to take it to the next level, making the security issuance as easy as it can be. We achieve that using Smart Assets technology that allows issuers to design their security tokens in a customized way, creating a fully compliant asset with attractive features for the investors.

6. Automate processes in your company
Stakeholders voting, dividends distribution, investor relations, you name it, any process can be automated.

  • Change the CEO
  • Dividends payouts
  • Annual report approval

1. Invest with More Flexibility 
Currently in the traditional security markets, investors are only able to purchase financial instruments using fiat currency. With our Security Tokens Trading Platform (STTP), investors can purchase security tokens with fiat as well as with cryptocurrency.

2. Improved Processes 
In traditional markets, you rely on a number of entities: Security Issuer, Brokers, Transfer Agents, Registrars, Clearing Firms, Custodians. On our platform there are only 2 entities you have to trust: the issuer and the platform, thus any risks of data tampering and manipulation are also drastically reduced.

3. Trade When You Want 
Our Security Token Trading Platform allows for an instant execution of trades. Any time, anywhere. With 24/7 customer support at your service.

4. Improved Settlement 
Traditional securities take at least 2 business days to settle. Security tokens are built using blockchain technology that allows transactions to be executed in near-real time.

5. Programmable Compliance 
With traditional securities, regulations can vary by asset type and buyer/seller/issuer jurisdictions, the same goes about security tokens. But the difference is that security tokens are programmable which means that legal compliance can be implemented right into the token.

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