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Creating Value in the Global Economy


At 81-c, we created a solution to contribute to the global challenge of financial inclusion by growing entrepreneur-led small to medium sized enterprises and making them accessible to everyone. Our proprietary scaling method allows for rapid growth and value creation that we make immediately available to the public. The 81-c approach is revolutionary as it delivers, for the first time, a way for everybody to access the value created by entrepreneurship. It also unlocks maximum value for entrepreneurs who can now source previously untapped capital and resources. So it’s a win-win for 81-c entrepreneurs and the investing public.

General information

Main sale Ongoing
March 12, 2019
June 05, 2019
Issuance platform:
The platform implements the technical and legal part of the release of the STO.


Company name:
81-c, Inc.
Country of incorporation:
Company address:
1760 N Jog Road, Suite 150, West Palm Beach, FL 33411


Asset class:
A group of securities that exhibits similar characteristics, behaves similarly in the marketplace and is subject to the same laws and regulations. The five main asset classes are equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), cash equivalents (money market instruments), real estate, funds.
Token rights:
Tokens give their owner the right to implement investment interests. It may be dividends, voting rights, etc.

Token details

Token type:
ERC 1450

Financial information

STO Price:
1 Token = $1
Minimum goal:
Minimum goal for total funds raised in an STO.
Fundraising goal:
Maximum goal for total funds raised in an STO.
Min. investment:


Mar. 28, 2017
Founder's Epiphany
81-c founders, Dan Abbate & Jess Merrell, share a common vision that everyone should be able to live the life they choose. One of the greatest obstacles standing in the way would be the challenge of global financial inclusion. Knowing that there is a lot of value created in the world that just isn’t accessible to most people, they set out to create a solution.
Nov. 2018
Public Company Formation: Building a New Model
One of the greatest sources of value creation is entrepreneurship so Dan and Jess built a financial model that harnesses the value of entrepreneurship and makes it accessible to everyone who chooses to invest in 81-c. This way, ALL individuals can take part in the value created by entrepreneurship without having to actually BE one
January 2019
First Business Unit to Scale
Williams Grantwriting
March 2019
Reg CF Offering Launch
Feb. - Sep. 2019
Planned: Ongoing growth of business units
Our goal is to roll a new company into 81-c each quarter of 2019.
Feb. - Sep. 2019
Planned: Ongoing growth of business units
Our goal is to roll a new company into 81-c each quarter of 2019.
Oct. 2019
Planned: Reg A+ security token offering
Pending SEC timeline, our next offering can be up to $50mm/year.
Planned: 81-c Communities Launch
Global initiative to align with UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Team members (8)

Dan Abbate
Co-Founder, CEO, Vice Chairman
Jess Merrell
Co-Founder, Chairwoman, VP
Gabie Ervesun
Kelly Williams
Pat DiSalvo
DiSalvo & Associates PLLC (Accountant)
Zachary Ziliak
Ziliak Law, LLC (Lawyer)
Dean Trevelino
Trevelino & Keller (PR/Marketing)
Brett Stapper
Front Lines Media (Strategic Advisor)

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