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SEFtoken SEFtoken

Delaware incorporated company that has originated a tokenized security warrant


SEFtoken, Inc. is a Delaware incorporated company that has originated a tokenized security warrant that entitles token holders to a direct investment in a fully regulated, licensed, exchange infrastructure.
SEFtoken, Inc. has identified a licenced exchange infrastructure with over 13 years of operating history as the underlying asset of the SEFtoken™ Digital Security.
The exchange is positioned to expand, subject to regulatory approval, into a digital securities market utilizing a DLT-enabled system to instantly eliminate counterparty risk for regulatory approved digital securities.
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General information

Main sale Ended
January 02, 2019
April 30, 2019
Country of origin:
Most often it is the country whose citizens are the main part of the team, or the country where the main office is located.
United States
Issuance platform:
The platform implements the technical and legal part of the release of the STO.


Company name:
SEFtoken, Inc.
Country of incorporation:
Restricted areas:
Citizens or people located in this areas are not allowed to participate due to legal restrictions.
China, Singapore, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba
Other restrictions:
Accredited Investors only
KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. It’s the process of identity verification of the customer. Each backer is supposed to pass the KYC procedure and provide their credentials in order to participate in this STO.
The term AML (Anti-Money Laundering) refers to a variety of policies, laws and regulations aimed at combating income generation through fraud.


Token rights:
Tokens give their owner the right to implement investment interests. It may be dividends, voting rights, etc.

Token details

Token type:
Total supply tokens:
125 000 000

Financial information

STO Price:
1 SEFtoken = $ 1
Minimum goal:
Minimum goal for total funds raised in an STO.
$ 31,250,000
Fundraising goal:
Maximum goal for total funds raised in an STO.
$ 125,000,000
Min. investment:
$ 50,000

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