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The Elephant PEC

The first tokenized secondary market platform


The Elephant (formerly: introduces the first security token backed by shares of the most promising private companies around the globe.

Our mission is to open the door to investments in shares of the world’s most auspicious, important and interesting private companies (unicorns & high-profile companies), prior to their liquidity event.

The platform enables shareholders of pre-IPO companies to sell their shares prior to a liquidity event and for investors to invest in such shares through dedicated partnerships represented by Digital Tokens.

By tokenizing equity rights of the most promising private companies around the globe, we make it liquid at all times
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General information

Private sale Ongoing
November 15, 2018
February 28, 2019


Company name:
The Elephant Ltd.
Country of incorporation:
A whitelist STO means that you have to register in advance to participate in the STOs.
KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. It’s the process of identity verification of the customer. Each backer is supposed to pass the KYC procedure and provide their credentials in order to participate in this STO.
The term AML (Anti-Money Laundering) refers to a variety of policies, laws and regulations aimed at combating income generation through fraud.


Asset class:
A group of securities that exhibits similar characteristics, behaves similarly in the marketplace and is subject to the same laws and regulations. The five main asset classes are equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), cash equivalents (money market instruments), real estate, funds.
Token rights:
Tokens give their owner the right to implement investment interests. It may be dividends, voting rights, etc.

Token details


Financial information

STO Price:
1PEC = $ 0.11
Minimum goal:
Soft cap is the minimum amount of money an STO set to receive from investors. If the soft cap is not met, the money is returned to investors.
$ 3,000,000
Fundraising goal:
Hard cap is the maximum amount of money an STO set to receive from investors. If the hard cap is reached the offering stops.
$ 18,000,000
Min. investment:
$ 50,000
Max. investment:
$ 18,000,000

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Team members (5)

Chaim Schiff
Founder and Co-CEO
Sigalit Cohen
Founder and Co-CEO
Idan Miller
Ido Ungar
Hannit Cohen

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