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Top-3 Important Security Tokens News (Week #20)

Top-3 Important Security Tokens News (Week #20)

We have prepared for you the most important news from the Security Tokens area for the past week (25 - 31 March, 2019). New security token issuance legal guide, 500 Top US Companies tokenization and more.

1Hong Kong Official Regulator Explained its Attitude to STOs

In a statement dated March 28th 2019, Hong Kong’s securities regulator— the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)— has provided official guidance on security token offerings (STOs). Three key points were outlined for security token issuers and intermediaries, which ultimately highlighted how security tokens are subject to the existing securities laws in Hong Kong. View source

2OpenFinance Network to Enter Aisan Market

Following the China Digital Economy Global Innovation Forum, BitMart released more information about their Security Token Offering (STO) service than initially anticipated. BitMart has now partnered with investment fund and advisory group The Cabin Capital to facilitate OpenFinance Network’s entrance into the Asian market. View source

3UMA to Issue Security Token Which Represent Ownership in S&P Top 500 Companies

Decentralized financial contracts platform UMA has partnered with Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) MakerDAO to release a token tied to the United States stock market, UMA announced in a blog post on March 27. USStocks is an ERC20 token representing synthetic ownership of an index of the 500 largest exchange-listed US stocks. This means that anybody with access to the internet and digital money can participate in the US stock market. View source

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