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Top-5 Important Security Tokens News (Week #10)

Top-5 Important Security Tokens News (Week #10)

We have prepared for you the most important news from the Security Tokens area for the past week (14 - 20 January, 2019). Swarm free tokenization, new legislation in the STO field, interest of traditional finance companies and more.

1New Security Token Trading Platform tZero Will Be Launched Soon’s long-awaited tZERO security token trading platform will go live by the end of next week, CEO Patrick Byrne said Friday. Byrne told CoinDesk the company is “ready to hit the button and go live today,” but was waiting a few more days to process user signups. “But by the end of the next week we will be turning the trading system live,” Byrne said, adding: “It’s a big moment for us — four years in the making.” View source

2Swarm to Change Its Business Model to Free Tokenization

Swarm has been positioning itself as one of the leaders in making security token issuances easier by providing the necessary digital infrastructure. Just last December, Swarm announced they would be supporting fiat currencies on their security token marketplace with the help of Mercury FX. Projects have found significant success working with the Swarm platform, for example TheArtToken TAT raised some $11 Million in their crowdfunding effort last month. Now, due to “overwhelming demand” Swarm will be making the process for issuers even easier by introducing “free tokenization” as per a new announcement. View source

3Aspencoin $18M Tokens Will Be Migrated to Securitize Platform

Aspencoin has upgraded its $18 million security token issue through a partnership with the Securitize platform. The migration of the tokens would offer the chance to trade Aspencoin across multiple platforms and exchanges, as reported by CrowdFundInsider. View source

4Wyoming Will Adopt New Legislation to Support Tokenization

Lawmakers in Wyoming continue to demonstrate an open-minded and innovative approach to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Different groups of state legislators have recently introduced two bills, one related to to the tokenization of stocks, and another concerning cryptocurrency classification. View source

5Thai Stock Exchange Plans to Create an Exchange for Digital Assets.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is planning to set up a regulated digital asset exchange, local news agency The Bangkok Post reported on Jan. 17. Citing the vice chair of SET’s board of governors, Pattera Dilokrungthirapop, — аlso chair of the Association of Securities Companies — the report revealed that the national stock exchange plans to apply for a digital asset operating licence from the country’s Ministry of Finance within the year. View source

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